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The Language Of Jazz Series (Books 1-17)

Cultivate and expand your jazz vocabulary while gaining mastery of the most commonly used 7th chords and chord progressions in jazz. The Language of Jazz: A Repository of Melodic Ideas and Linear Constructions includes a series of 17 books containing an abundance of melodic material that you as an improviser can readily incorporate into your jazz arsenal. These 17 books contain more than a thousand uniquely designed phrases and musical ideas in all 12 keys, constructed from the root, 3rd (or 4th), 5th, 7th, and non-chord tones. Each book also includes exercise pages to create your own musical phrases and ideas over the chords and progressions.

The Language of Jazz Series (books 1-17) is an improvisational resource for beginning, intermediate, and advanced jazz musicians. It provides fresh melodic material that can be incorporated into your daily practice and used to supplement your ongoing jazz development.

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Available In Bass Clef

The Language of Jazz Book Series for Bass Clef Instruments.

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